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Jazz, Tap, Ballroom, Latin, Ballet, Crystals

M & M Dance Supplies for all your dancing needs

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Stay Ahead of the Competition with our Ballroom Dresses


Ballroom Dresses Australia


Drawing on our unmatched knowledge of the different styles and types of dance, combined with our passion for everything related to dancing, the talented and committed team at M&M Dance Supplies pull out all the stops to assist dancers, instructors, and costume designers with the best quality materials, equipment, and products necessary to perform at the highest level. .


Our superior products and accessories have been selected based on the quality of their design, the freedom and comfort they provide the wearer, and how effective they are in aiding the dancers. Going hand-in-hand with the movement of the style of dance being performed, ballroom dresses are considered an extension that enhances the grace and performance of the ballroom dancing experience.


Find the Right Dress for your Performance at M&M


At M&M Dance Supplies we aim to meet the specific needs and requirements of dancers from across Australia. To find out more about our wide and colourful range of ballroom dresses our Australian customers can call a member of our professional and passionate team on 03 9850 6533.