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Jazz, Tap, Ballroom, Latin, Ballet, Crystals

M & M Dance Supplies for all your dancing needs


Stay Competitive with M&M Dance Supplies




At M&M Dance Supplies it is our goal to provide our customers with the best dance equipment and gear currently on offer to beginner, professional, and expert dancers. Out insistence on supplying only the best dance wear guarantees that our customers can rely on us to ensure that they dance in safety and comfort.


Our expert and knowledgeable team can provide competitive dancers with the right wear and accessories necessary to complete in international-level dancesport. Durable and available at the best price available our dancesport shoes come in a wide variety of styles and colours based on the form of dance and costume choice selected by the wearer.


Never Miss a Step with our Ballroom Dancing Shoes


Ballroom Dancing Shoes Australia


Renowned for its expressive form and colourful costumes ballroom dancing requires hundreds of hours of training and practice to accurately perform the precise and stunning movements that have become the hallmarks of the style. Designed to be flashy and expressive while also durable enough to withstand extensive use the ballroom dancing shoes supplied by M&M Dance Supplies can keep Australian dancers dancing.


Finest Quality Latin Dance Shoes in Melbourne


Not only limited to one specific type of dance, ballroom dancing covers styles including waltz, tango, foxtrot, quick step, samba, cha-cha, rumba, paso doble, jive, mambo, and Latin, with each offering a unique approach and expression of physical art. At M&M Dance Supplies we strive to keep our customers comfortable and performing without missing a step. To find out more about our superior Latin dance shoes customers in Melbourne and beyond can call us directly on 03 9850 6533.


Ballet Shoes for Balance and Beauty


Ballet Shoes


Have you been searching for durable and superior ballet shoes capable of performing under intense pressure and regular use? Thanks to our years of hands-on experience dancing and our knowledge of the best products currently available on the market the team at M&M Dance Supplies are able to supply professional and recreational dancers with superior ballet shoes.

Our range of expertly-designed and engineered ballet shoes have been hand-selected by our professional team based on their comfort, the stability they provide the wearer, and their longevity. As a certified supplier of MDM ballet shoes, Melbourne dancers can rely on M&M Dance Supplies to enhance the way they dance.


Keep Fit and Comfortable with MDM Ballet Shoes


MDM Ballet Shoes in Pink


Designed to improve the way that the wearer dances the ballet shoes crafted and manufactured by MDM, can reduce the likelihood of injury from performing complex movements and sequences. Available in to suit all costumes and training wear M&M Dance Supplies proudly provides MDM ballet shoes in pink, sized for both child and adult dancers of varying foot size. To view our full range of ballet shoes made by renowned manufacturers call us directly on 03 9850 6533.